REDbird tanGO 5.8ghz RC Repeater - for DJI Phantom

Finally ! ... wirelesssly separate yourself from your radio link and antenna hardware. 

  1. The drone operator now has more privacy to discretely pilot the drone  
  2. Suction mount ontop you car. Sit comfortably inside or in a shaded area.  No more hard to see screens or deal with cold/hot weather and insects. Two man team: Car Driver and Drone Operator (rapidly cover territory miles away) 
  3. Mount and fly on a second Repeater-Helper Drone. Then use your Camera-Worker Drone to access places impossible for all other drone systems 



  1. Search And Rescue    (SAR)   (forests, hills, or other objects are no longer a barrier)
  2. Rugged terrain Aerial Photgraphy   (less distance to carrying equipment to the target area) 
  3. Hard to reach places   (no ground access to river, gorge, or cliff edges)
  4. Regions with seasonal hot/cold temperature extremes or exposure to insect prone areas
  5. Rapidly cover larger areas with fewer drone sortes  


Repeater System for the following drones:

  1. Phantom 3 Standard   * Note 1    <---
  2. Phantom 2 Vision+
  3. Phantom 2 Vision
  4. Phantom FC40

Note 1: The RC Controller for Drone Item 1 above has an internal 2.4ghz WiFi Repeater Module. It is possible to remove the WiFi Module and locate it into a small self-contain module enclosure. Along with the REDbird 5.8ghz RC Repeater Module, this will create a complete repeating solution. Garrock LLC created a working prototype and now finalizing into a production quality product. This mod requires no soldering or drilling.  *** Until then the solution for the P3S repeats just the 5.8ghz signal. 

Note 2: Drone Items 2, 3, and 4 above already use an external 2.4ghz WiFi Repeater Module. Along with the REDbird 5.8ghz RC Repeater Module, both modules create a complete repeating solution. Simply mount both on a tripod or on a second repeater-helper drone. 


Alternately use as an Advanced Payload Control System:

For use on Drones using DJI LightBridge Radio Control Technology  (eg P3A, P3P, P4, Inspire 1)

  1. LED Multicolored Light String synchronized to music (light shows)
  2. Loud Speakers   (even Search And Rescue should be able to shout out verbal instructions)
  3. Payload Drop Release
  4. etc  (up to the imagination of the user) 


Read and watch a few Demo Videos here to better grasp the concept:

REDbird tanGO 5.8ghz RC Repeater - for DJI Phantom
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