Wheel Antenna Kit - AR Drone

NOTE: AR Drone Show (aka Central US Drone Sales) was a reseller for our AR Drone Wheel Antenna Kit but apparently went out of business and make no effort to contact anyone; including us. 

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: Installing the Wheel Antenna Mod Kit MMCX Connector onto your Main Board requires a level of electronic rework skills and tools.

It is highly recommended to use a magnifier lamp and a fine tip soldering iron. You will also need other tools to remove the Main Board. Please refer to the "How To" section for installation details and watch the main board removal video.


UFL Connector Option:  For those who require a UFL connector and RF cable on your Main Board, then also choose the UFL option when ordering this antenna kit. The kit still comes with the MMCX connector and RF cable for the Main Board in case you change your mind.If you do not have a specific requirement for the UFL option then you do not need it. 


The Advanced Mast Antenna Mod Kit contains the components necessary to abandon the factory built in antenna and instead externally route the RF signal to a mast mountable Wheel Antenna with the included MMCX connector coax cables.  Other mast mounted antenna types are optionally supported too; antenna's that have an RP-SMA Male/Plug Connector.


The Mast Mounted Wheel Antenna will increase your flying range and eliminate irregular video dropouts when the drone is rotated:

  • Galaxy Nexus Phone: 120 Meters (400 feet).
  • Nexus 7 Tablet: 215 Meters (700 feet)
  • Use a WiFi Range Extender setup, fly round-trip out up to One Kilometer (3280 feet)

NOTE: The drone was rotated 360 degrees at the above distances and had no video dropouts.  The tests were performed in an open field with no WiFi interference.

CLICK:  AR Drone Antenna Comparison Tests

CLICK:  WiFi Range Extender Setup

CLICK:  One Kilometer Flight


Installed Weight:  17 grams

The Kit Includes:

  1. Wheel Antenna with pre-installed RP-SMA Male/Plug  (installs as Omni-directional Horizontal RF Polarization)
  2. 100mm RG316 coax - Antenna Mast. Straight MMCX Female/Jack on one end and an RP-SMA Female/Jack on the other.
  3. Carbon Fiber Antenna Mast, 75mm long. Consists of three pieces: two carbon fiber tubes (24mm and 46mm long) and one 15mm long extension spring.
  4. Special Cable Tie (Qty 3 Tie Wrap. Only need Qty 1. Qty 2 are spares) with custom-drilled mast mounting hole
  5. 130mm RG316 coax - Internal to Drone. Right Angle MMCX Male/Plug on one end and a Straight MMCX Male/Plug on the other. Right Angle connector peeks thru the foam body to hook up with the antenna mast cable.
  6. Right Angle MMCX Female/Jack PCB Assembly for solder mount onto the drones Main Board (see the special "how-to" instructions)
  7. If you choose the UFL Option, then the kit also includes a UFL connector and RF cable for the Main Board. You still get the Main Board MMCX type in case you change your mind. 
  8. Small length of solder.

More about the Antenna Mast:

Using the factory built-in antenna, the video downlink out at distance can jitter or is lost when the drones camera-nose is turned.  An external antenna reduces video downlink dropouts at those distances.

Mast Mount: Install the Mast Antenna on one of the drones right side cross members (front or back). Make a small incision in the main body near a cross cross member to run the coax to the mast (see the special "how-to" instructions). You can then decide to swap out antenna types according to your application.

Note: The antenna mast RP-SMA Female/Jack Connector can also support: Dipole, Clover Leaf, or Skew Planar Antenna's that have an RP-SMA Male/Plug


Wheel Antenna Kit - AR Drone
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